ombos ... but everything fades as quickly. Old - Tony deserved better, and so did we.
Although already very copious and maintained like a king since its release on May 19, The Witcher III: Wild Hunt (of which you can find the test here) is offered a new way to prolong the pleasure. A first extension to less than 10 euros (download and less than 20 box version with physical Gwynt cards) that will lead the witcher to alabaster hair on new trails, in a quest that is no shortage of spice.
To believe that Geralt de Riv is bored quickly, he is once again running the plains of Velen in search of some quest to accomplish for a population that has not yet seen the end of the war between the Kingdoms of the North and Nilfgaard. His wanderings will bring him more to the east of Novigrad. There he crossed the path of a band of brigands with questionable practices whose chief, would like to rid the sewers of Oxenfurt of an unclean creature. This is where the bumps will begin. Not without having had the chance to meet before the ravishing Shani, careful well-known book readers Andrzej Sapkowski and players of the first episode video game. After a sad twist, there he is in a galley. Both literally and figuratively.
Love stories...
In the dungeon of a boat that takes him straight to a scaffold, beautiful Geralt will be offered precious help from a character met at the very beginning of The Witcher III. He will inherit, in return, a nasty mark on the face, one more. And a mission of him to fall in arms: realize the impossible wishes of the boss of the bandits previously met. Everything looks simple. In fact, it's a hell of a mess that is going to drag our hero into stories of frustrated loves and curses, between a perfect burglary, the duty of entertaining a person who is no longer of this world or the exploration of A haunted house. Each time, walked between an opportunity to discover that those who manipulate it have more thickness than what it is, They let appear. The quality of writing of the frame and the dialogues, as well as the acting, served by a realization and a staging that have lost nothing of their superb, are with the appointment with this new arc script. In about ten hours, we discover a gallery of characters of the most interesting, never Manichaean, we live situations tragic, funny, nostalgic also, and even a sequence that will gladly recall the film Ghost. In short, it is not surprising that we find ourselves caught up in a real good story, well conducted and not devoid of incidental distractions, including a game of seduction with the feline Shani well maintained. We will appreciate his company and his good heart without forgetting that the consequences of a flirtation are minimal on the "
... end up badly ...
In terms of gambling ... Aside from extending a bit of an open world already monumental and terribly alive, offer new optional contracts, treasure hunts, monsters' nests (the same bestiary to which giant spiders all join beautiful) to deglinguer and 10 cards Gwynt to chop, not too many novelties in compa

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